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What do you listen to when you’re on the road?

From podcasts to audiobooks the options are endless.

An open road can be a long and lonely place. That’s why you need something amusing playing on the radio. Everyone has a favorite playlist, radio station, audiobook, or podcast to listen to that will help pass the time. 

If you are a fan of podcasts and want to stay updated on the latest trucking industry trends here are a few trucking podcasts that might keep your interest:

  1. Talk CDL Trucking Podcast. This is a weekly educational podcast to keep you up to date on the trucking industry. 
  2. The Lead Pedal Podcast. A podcast full of tips to help you save money and become successful.
  3. The Trucking Podcast. This is a monthly podcast that covers industry-related topics.

Looking for non-trucking podcasts to keep you entertained? Here are a few to consider.

Are you interested in listening to a best-selling audiobook? From fiction, nonfiction, a mystery to history there is an audiobook available for every taste. Here is a list of a few current best-sellers from Amazon’s Audible. With apps such as Audible, truck drivers can conveniently listen to a good book.

Whether you are working as a truck driver, going on a road trip, or simply commuting to work what you listen to in your vehicle can have a big impact on your day. Chose something uplifting, inspiring, educational, motivational, or fun to listen to.

So tell us, what are you listening to in your ride?

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