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Maximizing the Productivity of your New Peterbilt

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase Uptime lately. What exactly is Uptime? Why is it important to my business? How do I achieve maximum Uptime? Let’s find the answers to these questions.

Uptime can be described in its simplest terms as making sure your truck is ready, available, and productive whenever you need it to be. 

The basis for maximizing Uptime is obviously starting with high quality, reliable, and durable equipment. Peterbilt trucks offer component configurations, like the PACCAR Integrated Driveline that helps maximize productivity as well as efficiency. OEM integrated solutions mean that this driveline was engineered from the start to perform as a single unit. This solution also allows technicians the opportunity to better know the characteristics and maintenance needs of your truck’s most critical components. Uptime.

Maintenance and necessary repairs made in a preventative or timely manner will increase productivity. Utilizing a tool like SmartLinq Remote Diagnostics, not only aids in scheduling routine maintenance tasks, but also can help keep a small problem from becoming a truck down event. Being connected to your Peterbilt truck will not only allow you to see what units are due for service, but also see any active warnings and make the determination whether the truck needs immediate attention, or can safely return to your facility before additional diagnostics or repairs are necessary. SmartLinq proactively sends you these alerts. Uptime.

Your JX Truck Center dealer network provides the resources that you need to maximize productivity. Highly trained technicians and well equipped service facilities for preventative maintenance and repairs. Knowledgeable parts professionals and a large, linked parts inventory for timely parts availability. Uptime.

Contact your local JX Truck Center if you would like more information on the Uptime solutions available to maximize your productivity.


Author: David Curtis, Regional Sales Manager

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