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Let’s face it… life on the road is tough. Part of every truckers’ challenge is finding options for healthy food and fitness. How do you stay in shape, eat right, and steer clear of complacency?

Proper fuel for your truck is important, but so is proper fuel for your body. Plan your stops ahead of time and consider these nutrition tips:

  1. Prepare your meals before you start your routes.
  2. Maintain your eating schedule: Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your awake/ driving time so your metabolism stays on course.
  3. Pack healthy snacks like fruits and nuts.
  4. Drink plenty of water, and don’t drink your calories!
  5. Avoid carbohydrates and sugars, like chips, candy, or soda.

Fueling your body is not just about what food you’re putting into it. In our industry, the job can get very static. Your body is craving movement by the time you get out of the truck. Luckily, truck stops cover a lot of ground. Here are some fitness tips:

  1. Go for a walk every time you stop.
  2. Utilize the rest areas and do some body weight exercises. You don’t always need a gym to work out!
  3. Keep weights and/or resistance bands in the truck. These devices are easily portable and will assist you in your exercising!
  4. Don’t forget to stretch!
  5. Perhaps most importantly, start out by making small changes you know you can stick to. As you get more consistent and reliable with your fitness, set higher goals.

As a driver, you will continually encounter bumps in the road, especially with time constraints and scheduling. Make the best of your time and remember: you have to be in it for the long haul if you want to see results.

Stay active, healthy, and safe out there!