12 Truck Maintenance Preparations for Warmer Weather

12 Truck Maintenance Preparations for Warmer Weather The sun is shining, days are getting longer, and the air is starting to feel warmer. Spring must be around the corner. Preparing your truck for the warmer seasons is just as important as preparing your truck for cold weather. Here are 12 truck maintenance preparations that [...]

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Summer Road Trip in a Semi Truck

Summer is coming to an end, kids are getting ready to head back to school and share the exciting adventures they experienced over their summer break.  If kids had the opportunity to go on a truck road trip, what kind of an adventure would they embark on? Well, here are a few things that kids [...]

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Safety First: Heat Awareness

Staying Safe at Work During the Dog Days of Summer Heat Stroke is the most severe form of heat injury and happens when the body fails to cool down. The best way to help prevent heat related illnesses are to: Wear light colored clothing Schedule heavy works for the beginning or end of the day [...]

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Keep Your Cool This Summer!

Tips on how to keep your truck cool during downtime Keeping you or your driver’s cool in the Summer heat is an absolute necessity. Well rested, alert drivers are more productive and safer on the road. While on the road, the truck A/C is keeping the cab cool. What about cooling the cab and sleeper [...]

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Aaah summertime. Sunshine, and heat. And, depending where you live or travel to, the heat can become unbearable. Here are some summer tips to help you keep your cool on the road this summer. Cool your pulse points: To chill out super-fast, apply ice packs or cold compresses to pulse points at the wrists, neck, [...]

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