One Representative, All the Solutions

One Representative, All the Solutions How JX Enterprises Is Evolving Truck Sales Beyond Selling Trucks Whether you’re a fleet owner with thousands of units or an owner-operator, you know there’s more to trucking than buying a vehicle and putting it to work. Maintenance, replacement parts, rental and leasing to accommodate capacity, and repairs are just [...]

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Solving the Service Technician Crunch One Student at a Time

It is an industry-wide issue and has been for decades – the shortage of well-trained, qualified truck service technicians. Few interactions between customer and dealership can sour that relationship more than a negative service experience. Extended downtime and return trips to the shop for the same problem result in customer frustration and a direct hit [...]

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Mirror, Mirror On The Pew, What Questions Should I Ask In An Interview?

WE WANT YOUR OPINION! PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE ON THE BLOG IN 2021 HERE: HTTPS://WWW.SURVEYMONKEY.COM/R/PGRPKW9 Mirror, Mirror On The Pew, What Questions Should I Ask In An Interview? If you've ever had an interview before, you've been asked this popular question: "Do you have any questions for me?" How you respond [...]

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Mastering Virtual Interviews

If you're in the market for a job, it's a pretty strong possibility that you have done, or will do, a virtual interview. Due to social distancing recommendations, many companies are conducting virtual interviews for either the initial interview, or for multiple interviews. It makes sense. It ensures no one can spread COVID-19 and it's [...]

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New Year, New You, and a New Approach to Land Your Dream Job

I love this time of the year. The holidays bring joy and happiness to many people. I enjoyed listening to all of my favorite Christmas songs, watching my kids unwrap their favorite toys, and spending time with loved ones. It's interesting pulling up Facebook and LinkedIn and reading people's goals for 2020. 2019 was a [...]

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Career Fair Tips & Tricks

Career Fairs can be an exciting, yet stressful time for anyone looking for a job. Whether you're in school or in the workforce looking for a change, you have a unique opportunity to connect with recruiters and managers from various companies and industries at one event. If you are interested in attending a career fair, [...]

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Rocking a Phone Interview

Nowadays, before you are selected for an in person interview with the company you're looking to work for, the HR department wants to conduct a phone interview to see if you are worth moving along to the next stage in the process. Your resume earned you the phone interview; now it's your chance to earn [...]

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What matters most to customers in 2019? Dialogue, baby!

The best sales professionals around the world are beginning to recognize that the skills they need to compete in their respective industries today look quite different than they did – even just 10 years ago. Why did this change occur? Business needs and solutions are more complex in today’s business world than ever before. If [...]

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Job Interview Tips

It's not always about experience and qualifications....It’s about how prepared you are. Prepping for an interview is one of the most commonly missed steps in process. Don't just walk in and wing it..... Do some "homework" Take 10 minutes and check out the company website. Find 1-2 things that you like about the company. Prepare [...]

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Delegation and Accountability are Good Things: Embrace This Fact

Being in the learning & development field, I know that as soon as I use the word “accountability,” people start running for cover. And it’s not just non-management employees that run for the hills, I’ve seen plenty of folks in leadership positions shy away from the word and struggle with what it really means. The [...]

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