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Supply Chain Constraints Disrupt OEM Truck Production

Since the start of 2021, supply chain constraints and part shortages have hindered the production of the new class 5-8 trucks.

As the year progressed, the constraints and shortages have continued to increase, forcing lead times to grow and truck production to come to almost a standstill. 

The major supply chain issues started around March 2021 when semiconductor chip shortages started to strain Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) at a time when fleets needed trucks to meet high demands. OEMs began to take one of two directions:

  1. Continue to produce trucks without chips.
  2. Reduce production until chip numbers began to rise again.

Fast forward to July 2021, chip shortages are still impacting OEMs new truck production and now OEMs are starting to experience even more truck part shortages; such as NOx sensors, DEF/exhaust gaskets/clamps, EGR coolers, etc. With the part shortages becoming more challenging, it is putting OEMs in an even harder situation keeping up with truck production. Many OEMs have resorted to shutting down manufacturing plants completely until further notice. There are also OEMs that have stopped accepting orders for 2022 due to build schedule delays and plant shutdowns. The future of new truck builds is in a state of uncertainty and truck dealers are in the middle of this. 

So, where does JX stand?

JX as a dealer represents four major OEMs: Peterbilt, Volvo, Hino, and Kalmar Ottawa. We are continuing to keep strong communication with our clients and to keep them as informed as possible on new part shortages and new truck delays, as soon as they come to our attention. Our parts and service teams are working closely to receive parts as quickly as possible so that we can turn trucks through our shops and get them back on the road. Although the end is uncertain, we will continue to provide the best service we can and partner with our clients through the long haul.

If you have questions about part shortages or new truck build delays, please contact your local JX Truck Center today.

Author: Austin Freeman, Fleet Solutions Manager