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Staying Safe on the Road During Inclement Weather 

When winter weather arrives, it can cause many issues for truck drivers. Driving in inclement weather is tough enough, but it’s even tougher for truck drivers. The weather makes a driver’s job extremely challenging. Here are a few tips to help truck drivers prepare for winter trucking safety:

Slow Down
The more time you have to react, the safer you will be. Icy conditions cause many accidents every year.

Keep a Grip on the Wheel
Always keep a firm grip to maintain control when in snow and ice.

Allow Extra Space
With ice on the roads you may not be able to slow down in time. Extra space can prevent the incident. 

Brake Slowly
Icy conditions can cause you to slide.

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and these tips can help drivers prepare for the snowy and icy conditions upon us. For more winter trucking safety tips from, click here!

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Author: Charlie Palzkill, EHS Coordinator

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