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 We are dedicated to keeping our facilities safe and equipped with the proper tools such as Automated External Defibrillator (AED’s). Therefore, all of our service locations are equipped with AED’s as a way to protect the lives of our employees and customers. AED’s are important in a workplace because they could be lifesaving for someone having a cardiac arrest.

Recently a group of our employees from our Madison and Rockford locations participated in a AED/CPR training course at our corporate building. The training was provided by Anderson360 Solutions and is offered once every 2 years for associates to maintain a valid certificate through the American Heart Association.

EMS Safety states that AED’s are safe and an easy to use device that delivers a therapeutic electric shock to the heart as treatment for a victim in Sudden Cardiac Arrest. AED’s are mobile and often found on the walls of public venues and corporations across America, much like a fire extinguisher. Having AED’s at our service locations make for a safer workplace.

JX Employees practice CPR on dummies
JX employees take an AED class