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Reminders for Safe Driving During the Back-to-School Season

Another summer vacation has passed and the time has come for students to go back to school.

This means that we will be seeing school busses on the road along with students walking to and from school. Here are a few driving reminders from MSP to help keep everyone safe. These reminders are not only for professional truck drivers but also for every vehicle driver on the road.

  • Prepare to stop when a slowing bus has its overhead yellow lights flashing
  • Stop at least 20 feet away from buses when red lights are flashing, unless driving in the opposite direction on a divided highway
  • Slow down in or near the school and residential areas
  • Look for clues-such as safety patrols, crossing guards, bicycles, and playgrounds-that indicate children might be in the area
  • Watch for children between parked cars and other objects
  • Avoid distracted driving

Remember to safely share the road with school busses and treat them like traffic signals. There will be many pedestrians crossing the street in school zones so remember to yield and do not block the crosswalk. 

Also, keep in mind that there will be more cars on the roads with young drivers which might create more traffic during the morning and after school commute.

We hope these reminders during the back-to-school season will help keep everyone safe. Drive cautiously so that students can get to school safely and have a wonderful school year.

school children crossing street sign

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