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Wrapping up 2018 and the terrific progress made in our philanthropic endeavors…. We have made real differences for many non-profit organizations and the people that are positively benefiting from our efforts.

JX Gives Back continues to gain momentum in donation amounts, due in large to the increase of our associates who donate through bi-weekly payroll deductions, which provide the option to be casual in wearing blue-jeans and more comfortable clothing on either Friday’s or everyday.

Looking at the numbers; Over the course of the past 18 years, JX has donated over $447,000 to 1,184 non-profit organizations. That’s an average of $24,840 each year.  In 2018 alone, the total donations to 93 non-profit 501(c)(3) charities and events, including food pantries was $87,906, so our growth in these supportive endeavors is very evident.  Of the $87,906 donated in 2018, $36,610 came directly from employee payroll deductions and cash contributions. Just under $35,000 came from our first “JX Gives Back Charity Golf Outing” held at the Chenequa Country Club in August and the balance was direct company donations from JX.  Additionally, JX covered other expenses for events and programs that are not in these totals.

In addition to financial donations, JX also launched our VTO – Volunteer “paid” Time Off policy. This program currently provides up to 8 hours for full-time and 4 hours for part-time associates annually to be paid for volunteering their time during normal working hours with a qualified charitable cause or organization.

Looking forward in 2019; We are confident that we will be assisting over 100 non-profit organizations and charitable causes financially and we will be expanding our reach in assisting more in our VTO program for worthy programs and events.  We are also using our monthly JX Gives Back Committee Conference Call to bring in speakers from charitable organizations to help educate us on various research progress, organizations needs and volunteer opportunities.

The JX Gives Back “Committee” was formed in early 2018 with at least one employee represented from each company branch and division. Committee members are engaged in the recommendation, selection and the presentation process for every donation.  The experiences of being involved in presenting donations in person to these charities and in some events being able to see first hand the reaction of some of the people benefiting directly from our efforts is extremely rewarding. Our JX Gives Back Committee members and associates are engaged and passionate about our endeavors and our customer partners who have supported and recommended many of the Charities have been appreciative of our support.

Author: Corporate Outreach Manager