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At JX, our Human Resources team works diligently to find and hire only the best Associates to become part of the JX family. We choose individuals who we know will develop into leaders within our organization and the industry.

As a company, we recognize the importance of placing the spotlight on our shining stars when warranted. That is why we are taking the opportunity to shine the spotlight on Andrew Haenisch, Lease Sales Executive at JX Truck Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Andrew started with JX on July 14, 2014. He was hired as a Rental Sales Representative. After a short eight months, Andrew was promoted to Lease Sales Executive. Almost four years later, Andrew has proven himself to be an asset to the success of our leasing group.

When we asked him what he loves most about working in this industry and for JX, he told us that he loves “meeting new people, keeping up with truck industry technologies, and resolving the challenges of different lease deals.”

Rob Kruger, Logistics Manager at Carmex, shared his testimonial with us. Take a look at what he had to say about Andrew.

“Just for a little background, I researched different dealers in the area for straight trucks and sent out emails on the various ‘contact-us’ sections of local firm’s websites to be contacted. Andrew was timely in his contact and assisted me with options JXE could provide. He was very knowledgeable and professional during our multiple calls and visits and with every communication, Andrew ‘dialed-in’ what I was looking for.

Of the four firms who I contacted and eventually submitted quotes for lease and buy options, Andrew’s submission was the most timely, most detailed, and met my communicated needs the best. His pitch and documents for the different options and costs for both lease and buy were the best I received. It was refreshing to have someone listen to what I required and then have them exceed my requirements.

Andrew/JXE was the only of the four firms who provided exactly what I needed and I did not have to follow-up; Andrew said he would provide something by a deadline, and he did.

After my pitch to my COO and VP of Finance, it was determined they wanted to buy the asset versus leasing it. I contacted Andrew with the news and he explained he would provide all details I needed to the new truck team so I can get my additional questions answered and take the next steps. I felt this was unfortunate as I know he is the leasing arm and would not gain any recognition for this upcoming sale.

What I wanted to let you know is the main reason why I chose JXE to be recommended as who we should lease/buy from during my COO/VP meeting was directly due to the actions Andrew performed during the entire process. Other than Peterbilt being a class asset, Andrew not only understood what special requirements I needed, but exceeded them with his corporate knowledge to deliver a product above and beyond. It was solely his actions and professionalism which is why I am going to purchase from JXE and also look to use your firm for all service for this asset for the next decade.

Thank you again for having such a Rockstar on your team and I look forward to a long-term relationship with JXE.”

We are proud to have Andrew on our team. Thank you to Rob Kruger for sharing your story, and to Andrew Haenisch for being an outstanding Associate of JX.