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Custom Trucks – Your One-Stop-Shop

Your dream truck just became more attainable with JX Custom Trucks!

We are a one-stop-shop for your custom truck needs. Whether you’re looking to add some style with unique stacks or freshen up your truck with a fresh coat of paint, we can help you design the truck of your dreams. Our truck building experts will review what specs you’d like to see on your own new custom Peterbilt. Our custom parts specialists can assist in the hunt for the perfect visor or stack to compliment your ride. So, if you are looking for a new 389 with a distinctive, classy look, consider what JX Custom Trucks can do!

The Right Parts

Chris “Chrome Chris” May, a resident custom parts expert, is usually found working on the parts counter but is excited to become one of the JX custom parts experts. “I see this as an opportunity for JX to grow in its capabilities to help our customers personalize their trucks a little more than your every day, a run-of-the-mill fleet truck,” said Chrome Chris. “We will be able to offer chrome add-on accessories such as stacks, bumpers, or cabin sleeper skirting. We can also do custom paintwork as far as color matching, skirting, fuel tanks, and windshield visors.”

The Right Truck

Shane Rosenberry, one of our heavy-duty truck building experts, has been working with customers to design and build semi-trucks to each customer’s individual taste. “Most of my customers that order custom trucks have at least one thing that they want to be customized on the semi-truck. They enjoy making the truck their own,” said Shane. “We can order the truck so that it’s capable of having the custom work added to the trucks once they’ve arrived. They can be wired to have custom lights added under the cab, on the breathers, or on the roof. I can even have them leave out the visor so a custom visor may be added in the body shop.” 

Shane can also help the customer upfit a custom semi-truck ordered from the factory. “Rather than having to go and get a quote from somewhere else, my customer and I can walk over to the body shop and speak with Mo, the Bodyshop manager, about what additions they’d like once the truck is here,” according to Shane. “The customer can have their custom truck delivered here from the factory, we can do the custom work, and once it’s finished, they can pick up the truck at JX. It makes it simpler and completes the truck without the customer worrying about doing add-on work on their own or finding another vendor to do it.”

JX is excited to be able to help our customers obtain the vision of the perfect semi truck they have in their heads. Regional Operations Manager, Dan Ryan has his goals set on meeting customers’ expectations. “I think it’s great that we’re able to customize a truck that allows the customer to personalize it. You really don’t see this with a lot of other truck makes,” said Dan, “but you see it with Peterbilt because the Peterbilt buyer cares very much about the look of their truck and their ability to personalize it.” 

If you’d like to reach out to our custom trucks department to learn more about what they can do for you, please contact our custom trucks department.

JX Custom Trucks – Your one-stop shop!