Dear JX Patrons,

We are living in history never experienced before in the modern era.  The COVID-19 coronavirus has been a wake up call for all countries in the world – in how connected we truly have become, regardless of borders, and the importance of unifying strategies to fight an unseeable enemy.  Our lives, our perspectives, and our global collaboration will forever be changed.  

You have a direct effect on the impact that COVID-19 has on the American people.  It is an honor to support you as you provide, either directly or indirectly, for the efficient and effective movement of goods to consumers, health care providers, and distributors.  Our mission is to support the trucks and drivers that keep moving freight forward. Our 24 locations will remain open to continue to support you with any of your needs. The proper CDC guidelines and precautions have been implemented across our entire location network to ensure the highest level of health and safety for our customers and associates. 

Now that weight limits have been limited and driver hours of service requirements relaxed, drivers are working harder than ever to get their time-crucial freight delivered.  Thank you for all that you do, especially in this critical time.


As always, Your Partner for the Long Haul.