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Being on the road is tough on truckers. The long drives can make drivers lose sight of their health and wellness. But incorporating exercise into daily routines helps drivers keep thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp. Regular exercise offers incredible benefits that improve every aspect of truckers’ health. Working out also increases the production of hormones that make one feel happier and improve sleep. The increased energy and improved mood are vital for truck drivers. For those who are looking to lose or maintain weight, or keep muscles and bones strong, a workout routine is a must. It is necessary to break up the long periods of physical inactivity behind the wheel. This is even more important for anyone looking to manage their chronic diseases or reduce their risk of diagnosis.

You might think you have limited options if you don’t have equipment at your disposal, but that’s definitely not the case. Bodyweight workouts on the road are just as effective and can allow drivers to maintain their fitness routine. Bodyweight exercise is not only great for building strength; it also can double as a cardio workout if you ramp up the intensity. Do this by using a circuit style with limited rest. Try incorporating at least 150 minutes of activity per week.

Whatever the intended goal is, whether to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, here is a list of bodyweight exercises for the road:




Reverse Lunge


Wall Sit

Standing Oblique Crunches


Jumping Jacks

Side Lunge

Knee High Jumps

Side-Leg Kickbacks

Lateral Leg Raise

Bicycle Crunches

Skater Hop

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Author: Phayvanh Rajavong, Benefits Specialist