The chill is in the air, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping.

Is your truck ready for the winter? Here are a few important systems to check before the cold winter weather arrives to make sure that your truck performs at its best.

Electrical System

  • Make sure that the charging and starting systems are in good working condition.
  • Clean and protect the battery terminals.
  • Double check that the battery cables are tight at the starter and alternator.
  • Don’t forget to look over the belts and replace them (if needed) before a broken belt leaves you on the side of the road looking for a jump start.

Cooling System

  • Check your hoses for rub spots; Squeeze the hoses and make sure they are not hard and brittle or spongy and soft.
  • Check your antifreeze protection to assure your truck won’t freeze even when it is below freezing.

Emissions System

  • In the winter, condensation can get into the sensors and stick to the carbon build up causing engine derates and downtime. We recommend cleaning boost pressure, intake temp, EGR differential and exhaust back pressure sensors.
  • Replace your DEF filter if you haven’t already replaced it recently.

Be sure to visit one of our service locations if you need any winterization services. We always have service specials to help keep your truck running like new!

Author: Keith Shadof

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