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The A/C compressor in your truck is a key component in allowing you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer season.

An A/C compressor’s job is to compress freon from low pressure to high pressure, pushing it toward the condenser as it continues to flow through your A/C system. A/C compressors are belt driven, and operate using an electromagnetic clutch, which when engaged, drives a pump mechanism to compress the freon.

One of the most common points of failure in an A/C compressor is the clutch. The clutch engages to the belt-driven pulley using an electromagnetic coil. When the clutch doesn’t engage, your A/C system won’t function. TRP heavy-duty A/C compressors feature more than twice the clutch life of industry competitors, and are rated for 2,000,000 cycles.

During operation, an A/C compressor has the potential of voltage spikes, TRP A/C compressors feature a diode (essentially this is a on-way electrical check valve). This diode grounds any excessive voltage, protecting your electrical system.

Don’t drive a Peterbilt? TRP A/C compressors come in a range of options to serve many different makes. They also feature a one year, unlimited mile warranty so you can stay cool and comfortable without worry.

Contact a JX Parts Professional near you to help find the right A/C compressor for your application, and take advantage of this special before the summer heats up!

Author: Chelsea Hoffman, Purchasing Manager

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